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Investor Relations


    • Transaction financial volume in the market criterion totaled R$113.2 billion, up 17.6% year-on-year, or R$16.9 billion; in the accounting criterion, the volume was R$112.8 billion, up 17.8% year-on-year or R$17.0 billion;
    • Net Operating Revenue of R$1.7 billion, up 31.6% or R$417.6 million year-on-year and 8.4% or R$134.4 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Net revenue from Prepayment of Receivables* totaled R$146.7 million, up 9.5% or R$12.7 million year-on-year and 8.9% or R$12.0 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Prepayment of Receivables reached 16.6% over total credit volume, increase of 6.1 p.p. year-on-year and up 0.5 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
    • EBITDA of R$929.7 million, up 19.0% or R$148.7 million year-on-year and increase of 8.2% or R$70.6 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • EBITDA margin at 53.5%, down 5.6 p.p. year-on-year and stable quarter-on-quarter;
    • Cielo’s net income totaled R$689.2 million, up 17.0% or R$100.3 million year-on-year and up 10.6% or R$65.9 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Cielo’s net income margin at 39.6%, down 4.9 p.p. year-on-year and increase of 0.8 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
    • Awarded best financial services company in the Época Negócios 360o Annual Report from Época Negócios magazine for the second consecutive year.
    • Cielo won as the best in the financial service industry in the ranking from As Melhores da Dinheiro 2013, by Istoé Dinheiro magazine for the third consecutive year.
    • The Company was chosen as one among the "Best 150 Companies To Work For" in the ranking from Você S/A Magazine for the 13rd consecutive year;
    • 2nd place in The Best in People Management ranking, in the 1001-2000 employees category, from Valor Econômico and Aon Hewitt;
    • 1st place in the financial institutions category (ex-banks) in ranking from 2013 Latin America Executive Team, by Institutional Investor magazine: best Investor Relations team, Best CEO and Best CFO, appointed by sell side and buy side, best IR professional and third best IR professional by buy-side;
    • 3rd place among The Best Companies for Shareholders 2013, in the category of companies with net revenue between R$5 billion and R$15 billion, from Capital Aberto magazine;
    • Industry Highlight Award winner as the best in value creation in the Financial Services sector in 2012, according to the Brazilian Association of Publicly-Held Companies (Abrasca);
    • Launch of the evolution of Cielo Mobile, which brings the most complete mobile platform in the market
    *Net funding costs revenue (see explanation in management analysis of Prepayment of Receivables Revenue)