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Transaction financial volume in the market criterion totaled R$113.2 billion, up 17.6% year-on-year, or R$16.9 billion; in the accounting criterion, the volume was R$112.8 billion, up 17.8% year-on-year or R$17.0 billion;
Net Operating Revenue of R$1.7 billion, up 31.6% or R$417.6 million year-on-year and 8.4% or R$134.4 million quarter-on-quarter;
Net revenue from Prepayment of Receivables* totaled R$146.7 million, up 9.5% or R$12.7 million year-on-year and 8.9% or R$12.0 million quarter-on-quarter;
Prepayment of Receivables reached 16.6% over total credit volume, increase of 6.1 p.p. year-on-year and up 0.5 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
EBITDA of R$929.7 million, up 19.0% or R$148.7 million year-on-year and increase of 8.2% or R$70.6 million quarter-on-quarter;
EBITDA margin at 53.5%, down 5.6 p.p. year-on-year and stable quarter-on-quarter;
Cielo’s net income totaled R$689.2 million, up 17.0% or R$100.3 million year-on-year and up 10.6% or R$65.9 million quarter-on-quarter;
Cielo’s net income margin at 39.6%, down 4.9 p.p. year-on-year and increase of 0.8 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
Awarded best financial services company in the Época Negócios 360o Annual Report from Época Negócios magazine for the second consecutive year.
Cielo won as the best in the financial service industry in the ranking from As Melhores da Dinheiro 2013, by Istoé Dinheiro magazine for the third consecutive year.
The Company was chosen as one among the "Best 150 Companies To Work For" in the ranking from Você S/A Magazine for the 13rd consecutive year;
2nd place in The Best in People Management ranking, in the 1001-2000 employees category, from Valor Econômico and Aon Hewitt;
1st place in the financial institutions category (ex-banks) in ranking from 2013 Latin America Executive Team, by Institutional Investor magazine: best Investor Relations team, Best CEO and Best CFO, appointed by sell side and buy side, best IR professional and third best IR professional by buy-side;
3rd place among The Best Companies for Shareholders 2013, in the category of companies with net revenue between R$5 billion and R$15 billion, from Capital Aberto magazine;
Industry Highlight Award winner as the best in value creation in the Financial Services sector in 2012, according to the Brazilian Association of Publicly-Held Companies (Abrasca);
Launch of the evolution of Cielo Mobile, which brings the most complete mobile platform in the market
*Net funding costs revenue (see explanation in management analysis of Prepayment of Receivables Revenue)