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Investor Relations


    • Transaction financial volume totaled R$119.6 billion, up 22.5% year-on-year, or R$22.0 billion; and reduction of 9.2% compared to 4Q13, or R$12.1 billion;
    • Net Operating Revenue of R$1.8 billion, up 19.3% or R$294.2 million year-on-year and reduction of 1.9% or R$35.8 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Net revenue from Prepayment of Receivables* totaled R$191.0 million, up 53.4% or R$66.5 million year-on-year and 2.2% or R$4.1 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Prepayment of Receivables reached 18.7%, over the financial volume of credit, up 5.4 p.p. year-on-year and up 1.5 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
    • EBITDA of R$1.0 billion, up 16.7% or R$143 million year-on-year and increase of 9.7% or R$88.8 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • EBITDA margin at 55.1%, down 1.3 p.p. year-on-year and 5.9 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
    • Cielo’s net income totaled R$802.7 million, up 27.4% or R$172.4 million year-on-year and 11.4% or R$81.9 million quarter-on-quarter;
    • Cielo’s net income margin at 44.2%, up 2.8 p.p. year-on-year and 5.3 p.p. quarter-on-quarter;
    • Cielo signs memorandum of understanding to participate in Stelo, a new facilitator for online payments and digital wallets;
    • Cielo is included in the OTCQX ADR 30 Index ("OTCQX30"), an index of the 30 largest companies listed on the OTC market in the United States, according to market value, trading volume and liquidity.